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Walk like your Self


A 15 day programme of self discovery in Goa


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We're co-creating a secure environment where you can discover the essential Self you already are. The gap-year academy is a carefully crafted experience where we learn how to uncover the self within, the source of creativity and happiness.

The academy offers a 15-day boot-camp starting in North Goa, India from August 7th to August 21st, 2022.

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The gap-year academy is a programme of GAYA foundation. A not-for-profit trust registered in Goa, India.


Alto Porvorim, 403521


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The 15 day foundation programme for the gap-year begins in Goa, India, this August 7th -21st. The boot-camp is available to persons between 25-50 years. (exceptions can be made, please write to us at

Northern Lights


  • How do I deal with doubt, fear and uncertainty? 

  • How will I find and realise my fullest potential? 

  • How can I use daily experiences as opportunities to learn more about myself?

  • How do I realise my talents and uniqueness and apply them to the greater good?

  • How do I discover my passion & purpose and begin to live in the now?

  • How do I experience joy, beauty and creativity in everything I do?

This boot-camp offers the space for you to discover and explore ideas along with the others

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The people behind Gaya believe that being true to one self and being one with their innermost self is the single most important thing that anyone can do at any point in their life.  They are truth seekers themselves and believe that every day instances that seemingly happen to us are in fact opportunities and gateways to take us closer to that freedom that is ourselves. 



Alka, sees her role as a catalyst to facilitate insight or sight from within to access the innate wisdom, resilience and creativity every human is born with. She is a transformative coach with more than twenty years of experience and training, conducting self-empowerment, self enhancement and self-healing workshops with corporates and large business organizations, schools, NGOs, doctors and other professionals.  


Is very passionate in exploring how a learning environment and deep reflection can change people’s perceptions about themselves and empower them to actively take agency for their study, work and life decisions and act as responsible and caring citizens and proactively shape the world. Sandra loves yoga-meditation, music, friendships and travel.

Sandra Rothboeck is an Adult Learning and Skills Development advisor working with governments and private sector projects in implementation across the world, particularly in South Asia.  She has a Masters in Labour Market studies and a PhD in Sociology on Adult Learning from Zurich University, and has worked for the Internation Labour Organization and for several Swiss organisations globally on vocational education and livelihoods.


Deepens and explores the connections between people and the world through ‘Photography’ and ‘Architecture’. Where ‘Photography’ is much more than just taking pictures and ‘Architecture’ is much more than just about buildings.

Bharath is a highly regarded and well established Photographer in India. Coupling the strict discipline of the medium with the trained eye of an explorer, he manages to capture not only the beauty and structure of the world around us, but also the spirit and soul of people, places, the environment and everything that surrounds us. He has published a fine body of work with more than 20 books in collaboration with globally acknowledged experts on Indian design and Heritage.


Shobitha considers herself an explorer of life. Her curiosity about the nature of existence has led her to dabble in corporate jobs, business, classical dance, martial arts, sports and writing. The quest for answers about the underlying oneness of all humanity led to exploring  philosophical treatises and talks from Buddhism, Sufism, Advaita Vedanta and mystical Christianity. She has spent years in search of the root of happiness and in understanding and unravelling her fears, and moving towards complete freedom. She lives in a sustainable, interdependent community, in close connect with nature.


Is an educator at heart with over a decade of experience of having engaged with wide-ranging populations around the world. As a mental-health professional, he currently offers one-on-one Mindfulness-Based Counselling and facilitates thematic workshops with groups. He particularly enjoys working with Teenagers & Young Adults as a Youth Mentor, Counsellor and a Gap-Year Coach.   He is a certified Yoga instructor and a regular Vipassana practitioner. Vipul has a master’s degree in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Symbiosis University.  Vipul is passionate about holistic wellbeing, off-beat travel, eco-consciousness, community living, cultural immersion and experiential learning. He envisions a more beautiful, joyful, kinder and a greener world for all and enjoys contributing towards its ongoing unfolding.  


Noel enjoys being in helping relationships and believes the way out of any challenge is largely within.  He journeys within while knowing he has always arrived.  He works in the area of education improvement and teacher self-actualisation, but sees the applicability of a growth journeys to many other spheres.  His own journey has seen him be a student practitioner of Buddhism, mystical Christianity, Generative Leadership, Psychotherapy and Aikido.  

Before the pivot to "in the field" education, he spent decades designing software products including large-scale EdTech and Finance platforms for Indian, German and US markets.  He enjoys playing the violin, distance running, meditating, and being an amateur architect.


Explores and enquires the nature of one's Self and one's role in this world. He engages with people to explore the opportunities that life offers naturally to every one, to use them as opportunities to discover their creative self within.

He has been a social entrepreneur and worked with  education, school reforms, vocational training, livelihood development, urban migration and livelihood, transforming craft sectors and working with start-ups from a systems change perspective for the last 30 years in India, Europe, Middle East and South America.

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