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Here, a group of people discover and learn together how to be and act from the vantage point of the true Self, and then seek ways to live a life of purpose, impacting the world in positive ways.


Or more like, “being your Self”. This is almost acknowledging that what we think of our selves, feel, perceive may not be who ‘I am’. Finding that essential Self is perhaps the single most important thing that you’ll ever do. It sounds dramatic, is it not? You want your life to matter, in the best manifestation of you that is possible. You only have one lifetime - not that you have another to spare. It must be intriguing to have figured out that you are not your thoughts, because you think them, you cant be your feelings either; otherwise who is the one who feels the feeling? You're not what you have. You're also not what you do or for that matter also what you love. There has to be “that’ that makes you You or Me. 

A lot that has been said over thousands of years on this matter of the ‘Self’. Google, YouTube, self-help books and blogs can keep you busy your whole life (or what ever is left of it). It seems to inform the mind in a way, and somehow we acquire a sense, that we may have got that figured out. No amount of reading or intellectual knowledge will help in taking that inner journey.  We have to experience this wide awake by our selves.  As Carl Rogers had observed, ‘Anything that can be taught to another is relatively inconsequential, and has little or no significant influence on behaviour… the only learning which significantly influences behaviour is self-discovered, self-appropriated learning’ (Rogers 1961).

The people engaged with Gaya are deeply interested in the matter. We all believe that we can support each other by creating a community of learners, actually experiencing, reflecting, learning and applying them to what and how we do things. We are working on a ‘practice’, if there is any thing like that, to get rid of anything superfluous that we identify ourselves with and experience the residual ‘no thing’. That in essence would be the experience of ‘Walk like your Self”.

"You can fail at something you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love"

Jim Carrey



So, what exactly is the gap we're referring to? Not necessarily the one where we spend a year abroad, volunteer with a non-profit, work with children or farmers, or do anything else that will expose us to new experiences and inform us in some way about what we want to do and how we want to do things that truly matters. All of this is possible if that is what you are looking for. However, the Gaya experience is intended to be a place where one can see oneself as real as one can be and act from the perspective of one's true self.

Even though the Gaya Academy is more of an un-academy than a formal academy, it is a place of learning and discovery, mostly by oneself in the company of others on a similar journey. It's like getting off the ferret wheel we're on right now and pausing to look around and consider what really matters to us.

So what is the GAP that we are dealing with?

There is a very strange thing that every creature experiences being here as constituting a sort of blockage. Of a certain tension which gives rise to the feeling of “I”ness, of their-ness, of being here. Not only you as a total organism standing here, but all the various component cells of your body. Each one of them has some sort of a feeling of its own, with its own little life. And if you examine the stream of your blood, you will find it full of all kinds of organisms that are having all sorts of conspiracies and games and plots and eating each other and doing these things that, like we do. We wouldn't be healthy as a total organism unless there were all these wars and fights and plots and politics going on between the various cells in our blood.

So then the problem, though, is that for each individual which is outlined, which is a separate thing, is actually part of a larger pattern of a whole. If you do feel alone, a little bit vulnerable and that fact we hurt a bit and through hurting a bit, we know we are here. You are a kind of an obstacle to the flow of life. And as life impinges upon you. Well, you rebound and you hurt a bit. And so you are there. Although people cultivate this, they say in general, they rather it would be not that way. We would like to forget ourselves. And many people say, well, I want something to lose myself in, I want something to belong to, and that you have, therefore, this sense of being alone, of being a particular separate form that is unlike any other form on Earth. That's just you. You feel this intense separateness?

We work with ourselves and with each other through enquiry and observation, that we are not the separate self. We explore the ‘I’ness and their-ness we feel and find out by engaging with the real world to realize the true nature of our Self. The GAYA boot camp offers the tools and the community for you to learn, share and reflect.

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